How many gigs did that Eurogamer test take?

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So I posted earlier about the latest Eurogamer face off and you may have wondered then how I managed to restrain from talking about my pet hate… those idiotic installs.

Well it’s because I wanted to add them all up and see how much of our 40Gb hard drive space would be taken just by playing the games in the list. The number in brackets is the amount of my life force wasted on waiting for an install.

Soul Calibur 4 – 2.6 GB (14 minutes)
Mercenaries 2- 2.7 GB (5 minutes*)
Beijing 2008 – 1.6 GB (5 minutes)

So grab the calculator… 2.6 + 2.7 = 5.3 + 1.6 = 6.9GB and 24 minutes of your life wasted…

Not bad for a soft lineup, imagine what’s about to happen in the next quarter of gaming.

*How did the Mercenaries install take 1/3rd of the time of the Soul Calibur one to install more data? Weird…

Last Updated: September 29, 2008

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