How many people watched the Xbox One reveal?

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According to Microsoft’s Xbox Wire, that Xbox One reveal has become one of the most watched live-streamed events in the history of the internet. Microsoft says that nearly eight and a half million people clogged up the internet’s tubes to watch the event

They say that the reveal is “one of the top-most concurrent streamed events of all time,” besting other events like the 2010 World Cup, the Royal Wedding in 2011 and the US’ 2012 election night.

Here’s the interesting thing; according the Nielsen, the reveal, which was also broadcast on actual TV via SpikeTV was watched by 1.73 million people – which means that nearly 5 times as many people took to the internet to watch the broadcast as opposed to traditional TV. Traditional TV, which, if you didn’t watch the reveal, seems to be one of the Xbox One’s biggest focuses.

Looks like that was a great decision. If you were one of the few that didn’t manage to catch the event, here’s that now infamous highlight clip that shows you just about everything you need to know about the next Xbox.

Last Updated: May 29, 2013

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