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How much has the PS3 cost?

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So there is some interesting news that popped up at a recent Sony shareholder feedback meeting.

According to Howard Stringer, the #1 priority of Sony at the moment is to return all departments to profitibility as soon as possible, which is quite a logical idea for a public (or private) company.

However he went on to say that that PlayStation division alone had cost Sony $3.4 billion over the last two years… $3.4 billion… that is a huge number that really makes you wonder if the idea of scrapping the business ever arose in that time..

While Microsoft lost huge amounts they really did have the warchest to not worry about it so much, Sony on the other hand is a much smaller company and this must have really hurt.

I bet Howard is chuffed to see the PS3 making real inroads in the US and even overtaking the 360 in Europe in the very near future (if not already)

 Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: June 23, 2008

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