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How much money is Microsoft losing out on by not giving us Xbox Live?

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Give it to us

The Gears map pack debacle has once again raised the issue about us not being an officially supported Xbox Live country.

Now instead of going into the details of why we are not supported and how we can become supported lets just look at the raw facts.

According to Microsoft themselves over 12 million people are on Xbox Live and around 23 million Xbox 360 units have been sold. Using my rudimentary maths skills that leads me to believe that around 50% of people who have a 360 are signed up for Live.

We’ll be generous and say that only 25% of people with 360’s actually have an Gold membership which means that around 6 million people world wide are paying Microsoft $50 (R523) per annum for Live access.

That’s $300 000 000 per annum in Live subs… okay anyone want to guess why Microsoft will never offer free live? Anyway back to the point.

In South Africa there are over 75 000 Xbox 360’s in the marketplace, so if we work on 25% we can expect 18 750 people to pay for Live if it was offered. This means that Microsoft is losing out on R9 806 250 per annum by refusing to support our country.

And remember that is before anyone spends a cent on any DLC or Xbox Live accessories. Microsoft’s last excuse was that they didn’t know how large the install base in SA was, now that we know that you have to wonder what the next excuse is going to be.

Seriously Microsoft we are not asking for much here, just let us pay for things in Rands and allow us to download all the content that other countries get.

Stop forcing us to be criminals, we have a bad enough rep as it is.

Last Updated: November 24, 2008

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