How much time did people spend using Origin in 2013?

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EA’s Origin gaming and digital distribution service isn’t quite as ubiquitous as Steam, but that doesn’t mean that a heck of a lot of people aren’t using Origin. Mostly because they’re forced to to play certain games, but that’s really besides the point. According to EA’s Origin “year in review (via Polygon),” 61 billion minutes were spent using the service for games.

61 billion minutes, if you’re not the sort who likes to do temporal mathematics works out to 115980 years. Or 1391770 months. Or 42361111 days.  Or 1016666666 hours. that is an incredible amount of time spent playing games instead of y’know…making the world a better place (and I’m OK with that). Time you enjoy wasting isn’t time wasted.

That ludicrous tally was completed over 1.3 billion sessions, which means people, on average, play for about 45 minutes a go. EA says that gamers unlocked over159 million in-game achievements and had 300 million chatty Origin conversations in 2013.

EA, hasn’t, however, said how many people are using its service, though in June of last year, it had over 50 million registered users and it’s rather likely that number is now quite a bit higher. For comparative reference, Steam now has over 75 million users.

Games that required Origin last year include Need for Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4 SimCity and FIFA 14 – all huge games that people really want to play. Ubisoft and EA have buddied up, making Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed IV work through Origin as well. That’s probably increased Origin users quite a bit too, as most PC gamers would do just about anything to avoid having to use uPlay.

Last Updated: January 16, 2014

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