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How to change your PS3's Hard Drive

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PlayStation 3: How To Change A PlayStation 3 Hard Disc

If you have ever been to a site called Videojug.com, you will know that it’s packed with tons of nifty videos that tell you how to be a household DIY pro.

Recently, they put up this great video that takes you through the necessary steps required to swop your standard PS3 hard drive with a bigger, better, newer one. The steps are explained very clearly and are accompanied with video footage to make it even simpler.

In the comments of the video, I noticed that someone by the name of Komp had posted some important things to remember when changing your hard drive, so for your convenience I have placed his unedited comments below:

“remember that your old disk CANNOT be put back into the ps3 and used as it was. You will be forced into reformatting it!!!!

Remember to back up all your data first via the menu option.

Restore data doesnt put back games that are under someone elses account even if you re-add that persons account (game sharing routine).

Hi speed hard disks will cause more heat and thus the fan will be on more, especially in the release 60gbs versions!

So if you have 2 ps3’s like me you also wont be able to move the disk from one machine to another without loosing all that data, its so annoying having to reformat it just coz you took it out. Beware!

If you ever have to take it out for some other reason, just remember that what i have said…”

Be warned though, this site contains recipes and home DIY tips, so whatever you do, don’t let your spouse see it. A new PS3 hard drive won’t mean squat if your free time involves you painting the garage and cleaning out the gutters, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

source: ThreeSpeech via N4G

Last Updated: May 19, 2008

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