How to fix AC frame rate issues – something is not right here

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I stumbled across a posting this morning on how to fix the Assassin’s Creed framerate issues on the PS3. I find this quite disturbing to be honest.

The entire reason I threw my PC in the bin and became a console gamer is because when I want to play a game I don’t want to worry about anything apart from putting a disc in the drive and playing. However these next gen consoles seem to be becoming more like computers everyday and I don’t like it.

How long is it going to be before we have to start turning down the resolution of our games to play properly and downloading new patches for every single game.. oh wait that is pretty much happening already.

The problem with having consoles connected to the net is that developers now have it in their heads that they can release buggy games and then just release patches to fix the issues.


Last Updated: November 19, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • ocelot

    From watching my friend play Assassins Creed on PS3, there are no frame rate issues. Also, judging from reviews (CVG, Gamespot) PS3 has a better framerate than 360.

  • Brad

    I believe as a developer I’d pin some of the blame of these problems on the shortage of good softare testers (QA) as any good developer would ;). In SA I know in the industry there are lot QA’s but only a few good ones.
    I got rid of my PC for the exact same reason, but still it’s not suprising that bugs are missed with mounting pressures and deadlines. It would be interesting to know what kind of testing procedures are in place at these game companies.

  • Do you realise that the 360 equivalent of the solution is “Turn off the blades and make sure you’re not logged into Xbox Live” (not that the 360 needs this fix, it’s just a direct translation)! Can you honestly imagine a game that requires Live to be switched off?

  • LazySAGamer

    I don’t think that is entirely true (well the live part is) however they seem to be saying that you should turn off that new super duper information RSS feed that was implemented in framework v2.0. Which everyone seems to think is pointless anyway…

  • goswald

    I am in the process of playing AC on PS3, but with getting my house ready (To move into to), I have not played all that much…

    So far, all 3 hours that I have played, I have yet to experience any framerate issues.

    I will play more this week and over the weekend and keep everyone updated.

  • doobiwan

    Not a bash, seriously, but it goes to Sony (rather than Ubi’s) testing and configuration management.

    Obviously Ubi have been developing on previous revisions of the firmware and couldn’t test on the latest because AC was already RTM.

  • Abev

    I havent actually played it but the general consensus is that there are no issues on either platform.

  • Ruslan

    Running it here @ 1080i via HDMI on the X360 without issues although I know its capped @ 30fps. Dont notice a drop. Maybe its during specific loading sequences ( ie. sync on top of a tower, etc ) that a dip occurs?

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