How to Pirate

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Sasharrrrrrrgh Grey

No, we’re not telling you how to illegally download games, music and videos from the seedy underbelly of the internet; that would be silly. Instead, we’re showing the the latest Assassin’s Creed IV gameplay walkthrough, narrated by the nearly monotone game director Ashraf Ismail. The footage shown is infinitely more exciting than the dreary chap would have you believe.

Watch in rapt wonderment as Edward Kenway does pirate things, like looting the dead, finding treasure maps, fighting with belly buttons, hijacking ships off the Somalian coast, downloading cars and selling bootleg copies of Man of Steel at the traffic lights on Malibongwe Drive.

Assassin’s creed Iv is coming to just about everything that plays video games in early November. It’ll be out on next-generation systems PS4, Xbox One and PC (Oh no you di’int!) a little later.

Last Updated: July 11, 2013

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