How to ruin Xbox Live or PSN for others

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I found this to be quite classic and very accurate. I really enjoy online gaming but I have now found a group of people who I am happy to play against and now rarely join games with strangers for this exact reason.

If you are one of the people he is talking about then hopefully this will make you think twice next time.

Last Updated: February 29, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • This is a SAD fact in our community unfortunately Lazy I’m victim to this too as I’ll only play with guys I enjoy playing with, however on the other hand we should be branching out and meeting new members of our community and not box everyone out.

    Something I’m en devouring to do,and one of the purposes of my site.

  • Fox1

    @kold- What’s the address to your site? 😀

  • doobiwan

    I try to keep cycling my friends list to meet new folks, unfortunately I have lost a few I’d rather have kept but At least it helps to try and engage new players.

  • scotty777

    lol… i hate people like this. like when i play resistance online, it’s utterly ridiculous when you about to pawn some fool, and you here “OOOOO, GGGGGGGGGGG, EEEEEEEEEEEEE” and tons of distortion, where you want to beat down the fool because the mic is sitting in his mouth and his voice sounds deeper then that king pin in dare devil,

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