How to setup PSN on your PS3

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Redzombie has been kind enough to put together a how to document on connecting your brand spanking new PS3 to the PSN.. which is actually officially supported in South Africa

To connect your PS3 to net and PSN (This is for 3G Users)

1st your PS3 has to be updated to Version 2.01 of the firmware

You can do these steps to be connected or 1st download it to your pc and then transfer to your PS3. I downloaded it to my Pc and then dropped it on my W800i phone’s mem due stick and popped that into my PS3. And 1st updated to Ver 2.01 ( its about 160 MB )

To get on the net from your Ps3

Connect your 3G and connect, plug in your RJ 45 cross over in (one end at the PS, one end at the PS3 ). Set up a bridge connection on your LAN so that your PS3 can share the internet connection with your PC, this is done the same way as with a Xbox 360 console

Go to your PS3, and then select Network Settings. Select to set up network settings, choose wired or wireless. Now choose ‘Custom’ and ‘Manual’ after that.

Choose these settings

IP Address: —> apparently the range of the last 3 digits can be anything from 100-254. .

Subnet mask:

Default Router:

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

For ‘MTU’, select ‘Automatic’.

For ‘Proxy Server’ and select ‘Do Not Use’,

For ‘UPnP’, select ‘Enable’.

Press the x button to save the settings and you then have the option to test them.

Once on the net, its a plain simple registration you do on your PS3 via the connect to PSN…. all standard stuff, like username, account details billing etc… And the best part all content is in SA Rands… I paid 45 bucks for Mortal Kombat 2 which was quite big 200MB

To share media (all photo’s video’s and music) from your pc to your PS3

Loaded Media player 11 and selected to share media, My pc automatically picked up my PS3, Then just accept the “new device” on you pc and under the various media options on you PS3 you can connect to the pc and have the option to copy to your PS3

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Last Updated: December 3, 2007

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