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How to Survive While Playing Sniper Elite 5

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The Sniper Elite franchise has grown into one of the best stealth game series of all-time. There are several reasons for this. One is its realism, with bullet cams and an AI system that makes enemies seem like they are strategizing who to beat you. It’s also very challenging, with stealth skills being more important than button mashing action skills. Staying alive is hard, but there are some ways that you can improve your chances. If you’re a Sniper Elite fan, YuPlay has the best games in the franchise, including the newest addition, Sniper Elite 5. Here are some tips to help you survive while playing Sniper Elite 5.

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Be Quiet

In the vast majority of missions, your best option for success is by not being detected. That means that if you are out in the open or make noise, you are going to be discovered and killed. Since it’s a video game, it’s not like you will make noise by scraping your foot or tripping on something. However, you will if you make too much noise killing guards and enemies with your gun. Make sure that you always pack a silenced weapon so that you can kill without being detected and achieve your objectives. 

Be Direct

When you are first starting out with the game, you can get caught up in exploring and checking out the different areas of the game. However, the more you are moving around, the more chances there are that you will get caught. To survive and advance through the game, it’s often best to head directly to your primary objective. You will of course need to scout the area and strategize your attack plans, but otherwise stick to the main task. As you get better at the game, you can always go back and try to finish all the side quests and collect all of the special items. 

Use Decoys

It’s one thing to stay hidden, it’s another to confuse your enemies enough so that you can sneak by. Sniper Elite 5 allows you to carry decoys with you on missions. You can set them up at strategic points and set them off at opportune times. Then your enemies will go to check out the area where the decoys go off. At that point, if you are positioned correctly, you can pick them off while they are distracted. Use them liberally, as there is no downside and you can gain a huge advantage. 

Go Vertical

This is the 5th game in the Sniper Elite franchise, and it provides more opportunities than ever before to use vertical spaces. That means that you can climb up buildings to get a better vantage point using drain pipes and vines, for example. In some cases you can run along rooftops to avoid soldiers and guards and go undetected. 

Don’t be Afraid to Run

When you are sneaking around on a mission, you might notice a red triangle that shows up on your enemy’s map. This is where the enemy thinks you are. If you are actually within that triangle, then there’s a good chance that you will be surrounded by enemies very soon. Instead of sticking around and fighting, don’t be too proud to run and get as far away from that triangle as possible. When you are in the triangle, your enemies will be in combat mode. When you are outside, they will go back to searching for you or going through their guard routines. 

Take Out Alarms

The main fun of playing Sniper Elite is taking shots and hitting enemies exactly where you want to. However, it’s not just people who you should be shooting. There are often alarms located throughout missions. If you spot any, then your first priority should be to take them out right away. The reason for this is that if an alarm goes off, then you will be attacked from all sides in no time. If you have a silenced sniper rifle, you can get rid of alarms without being detected, and then move on to taking out your enemies. 

There’s a reason why Sniper Elite is so popular, says NME. It’s a lot of fun sneaking around and taking out Nazis. It’s also a challenge, according to PCGamer. There are several challenge settings for the game, and as you get better you can turn the dial up higher as you go. Use these tips to stay alive and complete your missions as you play through the game. 

Last Updated: October 14, 2022

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