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Huge Lazygamer rAge 2008 Image Gallery

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You all may have read Gareth’s rAge article two days ago and noticed that he mentioned that I ran off with the camera on a secret mission. Indeed I did because there were more events that needed photographing.

Now that I am back I have loaded up some of our photos of rAge for your viewing pleasure, complete with commentary. It’s a massive gallery so don’t miss it!

There are roughly 20 images at 40kb’s so those who are watching their bandwidth should wait till the get to work and abuse theirs instead.

So click through and check them out!


^ Saturdays queue was around 150m – 250m long when we arrived! Thank goodness for press entrances.


^ A super duper Forza rig with the game spanning across three screens. If you didn’t already know, it requires four Xbox 360 consoles to do so.


^ The show was absolutely jam-packed on Saturday


^ A lot of stands had Monster PC’s set up to remind people about how terribly crap their own home rigs actually are and that games will never look as good when they are playing at home.


^ Duke Nukem prepares to pwn 200 people in one swift blow.


^ Clint Hocking from Ubisoft Montreal gives visitors a demo of Far Cry 2.


^ A competition that brings a new meaning to “The Orange Box”


^ Visitors have a rock out session with Guitar Hero: World Tour. Drugs and sex not included.


^ Brothers in Arms and Far Cry 2 at the Megarom stand. That dude in the white shirt looks like he is concentrating pretty hard.


^ The new Prince of Persia is looking really sweet but I have to pixelate the image or Ubisoft and Megarom might send some really scary people to my front door to remove my teeth. Keep your eye on this game, it’s looks amazing.


^ Some good old Arcade fun on an arcade stick.


^ The Coca-Cola dome, the breast of Southern Africa. Street vendor sold separately.


^ Local developers Mark Luck and Danny Day of QCF Design. They were proud to show off their new title “Space Hack”. We will have an interview with them up on the site in the very near future.


^ A fight over company shares quickly led to Danny pulling a massive “Hadoken” on Mark. I dare not show you the photo’s. It was a real mess.


^ “Look mom, no hands”. “Look son, no teeth.”


^ A Guitar Hero competition finals match held at the Game Exchange stand.


^ Football the way that Lazygamer likes it. Sitting down.


^ Some guys tried to get around paying the entrance fee by hopping the fences.


^ [LAWN] clan members were not allowed inside for the fear that they may start breaking things.


^ Some members of [LAWN] and The Evil Alpacas take over the local Spur. You can’t see it in the photos but there were about 15 of us in there. Amazingly, no one was asked to leave.


^ Justin and Grant looked so pretty in their gamerlobby.net shirts. I wonder if they come in pink.


Well, that’s the end of our rAge gallery. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures. See you all next year.

Last Updated: October 8, 2008

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