Huge Price Increases on the way

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A lot of people have noticed the prices being sneakily increased across the board and I was personally just hoping it was some people attempting to take the mickey. Unfortunately though it has now been confirmed that prices are going through the roof all over the place. has confirmed that prices are being increased by all the distributors in regard to hardware and software.

As a quick example Frontlines, Condemned 2, Ratchet & Clank and The Club all have a RRP of R750, PC titles are going to be coming in at R350 and PS2 titles at R500

Hardware is not being ignored with the price of the 40GB PS3 going over the R5000 mark and I am still waiting confirmation from Mi-Digital and The Core Group on their hardware.

This is horrible, but can you blame these guys when the Rand is about to break the R8/$ mark and 16 to the Pound…

Even though I understand it, I cannot justify R750 for a mediocre game. GTA IV, Killzone and the like could sell for R750 but I would never pay that amount for the more arcady type games.

Last Updated: March 3, 2008

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