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I love Humble Bundles. They help in a form of curatorship for those who don’t necessarily know which indie games to buy – if a game makes it onto Humble Bundle is must be pretty good. This collection of indie games looks really cool, and my recently wounded wallet (thanks Steam Sale) may not be safe.

Check out the summary video from Humble Bundle:

For the awesome price of whatever you want, you can pick up four games. First up, To the Moon, which is seriously begging for me to buy it. It’s a hybrid of RPG with adventure game as you unlock and relive memories with an aesthetic similar to all the old school RPGs I loved. No really, this game looks too good to pass up on. Check out the video about it and tell me you haven’t fallen in love.

Or, you could play a more upbeat and uplifting game with Joe Danger 2: The Movie. Here, you attempt wild and crazy stunts, including jetpacks, mine carts and time-traveling to punch dinosaurs from a quad bike! Really, what more fun, silliness do you need?

Well, if you want more high speed action, there’s also BIT.TRIP’s Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, a retro-style platformed with a need for speed. Featuring over 100 levels, there’s sure to be plenty of cool stuff in here.

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But I’ve also heard cool things about the fourth game, Papo & Yo. A puzzle game, you use your imagination to help a boy escape from his trouble childhood with the help of his best friend, Monster. Strange and quirky, I am seriously drawn to Papo & Yo.

Oh wait, there’s more! If you pay more than the average (which is currently less than $6), you can also pick up Surgeon Simulator 2013, a crazy and vastly popular first person game. Plus you get Reus, where you play as giant with the ability to shape and manipulate the planet and help your humans find harmony and balance.

All games are available on PC, Mac and Linux, although Reus is still in beta for Mac and Linux. So, get thee to the Humble Bundle and go play cool indies while giving money to charity. You even get all the soundtracks for the games.

Last Updated: January 8, 2014

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