I am now excited about Home – Very Excited

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I was sent a tip by Naudran earlier about Home and to be perfectly honest I had little interest in reading it. I have read hundreds of stories about Home and very very few of them have been interesting.

However that has all changed very quickly. Imagine you have a Warhawk clan and you are about to challenge your arch enemies. Imagine now getting your entire clan into a room with a scale model of the map and being able to plan tactics by moving planes and people around.

Yes that is exactly what the developers of Warhawk have planned and implemented in Home. To put it in context for the 360 fans. Just before starting a round of Gears of War you all get together in a room and can see a scale model of Clocktower.

You can then visually explain where each of your team mates must go to take out our opponents.

If that is not the coolest thing I have ever heard about Home then I don’t know what is.

Playstation 3: How Warhawk Makes Home Really, Really Cool

Last Updated: February 28, 2008

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