I can’t tell if these new Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F action figures are blue or gold

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Hey, there’s a new Dragon Ball Z film out in Japan! And it picks up after the events of the previous flick, Battle of Gods! Even better, it brings back the best Dragon Ball Z villain, Frieza. A villain so diabolical, that he happens to have his own metal song. So you can bet your buns that the long-running franchise would churn out some new action figures. Problem is, is that most of you will never get your hands on one of these bad boys.

And that’s because they’re Japanese-exclusives, from Tamashii Web. The first figure of Goku features him in his new power-up form, which is I sh** you not, called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Here’s a bunch of pictures of him in action, from their Facebook page. I dig the extra facial expressions on these figures:

Goku (3)

Goku (5)

Goku (1)

Goku (2)

Goku (4)

Not to be outdone, Frieza also pops up in his new golden form, much to the delight of internet meme makers everywhere:

Frieza (1)

Frieza (2)

Frieza (3)

Frieza (4)

Frieza (5)


Frieza (6)

Each figure costs around 4536 Yen each. Together, the pair will cost you OVER 9000 yen. In real money, that works out to $37 each or R461.

Last Updated: April 21, 2015

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