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I can’t think of anything smart to say, so…goodbye

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It feels like it was just yesterday when Geoff and Gavin gave me a plane ticket to Germany for Gamescom, and had no idea that I had the navigational skills of a naked mole rat on qualudes. That was ten years ago, and I’d just started writing for the site, which then went under the alias of Lazygamer. I’d just finished a stint at Games 24, and maybe seeing something of value in me or lusting after my unsullied organs just in case, Geoff and Gavin asked me to supply the site with news, features, and review content.

And friends, it has been an absolute blast over the last decade.

I’ve done stuff that I can proudly talk about today, thanks to the terrible G-duo. I’ve been to E3 multiple times, flown around the world to visit video game studios, and I’ve spoken to developers who I have long admired. I’ve had the thrill and the privilege of creating informative game reviews, I’ve regularly taken the piss out of people with articles that I’d never be allowed to write anywhere else, and I’ve made friends for life.

That’s all coming to an end in the next few weeks.

Later in June, I’ll be saying goodbye to Critical Hit, as I pursue my passion for video content and continue my work at international outlets like GameSpot, where I’ve been doing news and guide features since last year. I’ve popped up at other sites like IGN, VG247, and VGC over the last year and a bit as well, as I’ve spread my wings!

I’m also walking away with no regrets whatsoever, and at this point many a writer in the same situation would have some humble words to say. Screw that, I’m tooting my own horn because I was bloody fantastic during my time here.


I think 2020 was Critical Hit’s biggest year ever, as traffic surged to new record heights, we hammered out numerous interviews, features, and next-gen reviews. We’re the only African site on review score aggregate Metacritic thanks to our consistent quality and the hardest-working crew under the sun. When Geoff left, I was tasked with leading the site and I think I did a damn good job as I juggled that responsibility with a huge increase in work during the middle of a pandemic. Hot damn, I am just that good.

But at the same time, I burned myself out last year. Since January, I’ve been running on fumes and reserving my best work and rare moments of chaotic neutral energy for other sites, focusing purely on news and reviews here at Critical Hit. When 2021 started, I’d already considered leaving the site to try something new, and I just didn’t have the courage to tell Geoff and Gavin until a few months later.

I am both terrified and excited for this new direction I’m taking though, and I’ve got plans to buckle down and produce the type of content that I find fascinating. There’ll still be the review deadline, but I love video games and this industry so much, and I just cannot wait to create the kind of content that gets me hot under the collar. No deadlines to worry about, no stories to edit, or several hundred emails to respond to every day, because running a gaming website requires so much extra work behind the scenes that most people are never truly aware of.

With that in mind, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who read my stories, thank you to all the valid criticism, and thank you for making the last ten years so memorable. Thank you to Gavin and Geoff, jerkasses I’m proud to call friends, for giving me a chance and always teaching me something along the way.

Thank you to Kervyn, for being the best damn movie reviewer around and a gigantic geek that I can talk to. Thank you to Brad for being a reliable friend and colleague, and I am so damn happy to see him landing a plush gig at Comic Book Resources. Thank you to Tracy for writing time-consuming content for no reward, being a rad pal, and possessing ungodly grammar skills. Thank you to Noelle for tackling game and comic book reviews which I’d never feel comfortable writing, providing fresh new angles that have been eye-opening and immaculately polished.

Craig, you’re an amazing writing machine that can pump out content in seconds and some of your typos have had me in giggles, but your words have carried your passion for whatever it is you’ve written about. Trevor, you’re as reliable as the sun rising every morning and I know that whenever I see one of your trailer posts in the backend it’ll be a superb breakdown of what to expect. Sometimes, reliability is the greatest resource you can ask for.

There’s a bunch of other names to add to this list of course, like Umar doing my favourite Weebviews, Daniel’s wonderfully wordy features, Jarred saving my bacon with sportsball content, Sam’s brief stint here showing huge improvements, and so much more. To the people working in the trenches of video game and entertainment distribution, you all know who you are and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have created a tenth of my best content without your unwavering support in our market. It’s a thankless job, and you all do it amazingly.

I’ve got a lump in my throat right now, but I’m ready to forge my own path thanks to a decade of experience that I can now tuck into my fanny pack. Until then, I’ll still be here dropping news and reviews while keeping the gears oiled, and Gavin will have something to say sooner or later about what’s happening next. Folks, it has been a wild ride and I don’t regret a single thing. I’ll be taking a short break near the end of June, but keep your eyes open.

Laugh hard, run fast, and be kind.

Last Updated: May 21, 2021

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