I completed Modern Warfare 2 in 4 Hours 44 Minutes and 23 seconds – Is that a record?

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We often debate how long a game needs to be before it can really be classified as a full game. Well for my review of Modern Warfare 2 I turned the difficulty level onto Recruit and played through the game.

I don’t normally game for longer than 2 hours at a stretch so it did feel like a decent amount of time by the time the awesome credits started to roll but how long had it been?

Thankfully I didn’t need to check the clocks as the game stores the time for you and accordingly I was informed that I completed the game in 4:44:23 which is not very long for a full priced game.

I wasn’t trying to race through it but merely just playing the single player as it came and enjoying the experience fully.

Is under 5 hours to short for a game? Is it excusable seeing as the multiplayer is going to eat years of my life and the spec ops section looks pretty beefy as well?

Have you beaten the game faster than that? Please do let us know what you think.

Last Updated: November 10, 2009

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