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I Love Gaming, where else can we speak our mind and still feel normal

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I was just browsing VG247 and saw an interview they had with Prototype’s developer about the game, while nothing really exciting was announced Tim Bennison did go on to say

“The first time a player throws a corrupt Blackwatch soldier into the blades of an attack chopper, we think they’ll have a big smile on their face,”

And yes I smiled thinking about that which is really bizarre if you think about it, we are looking forward to throwing someone into a spinning metal blade and this is okay?

I remember doing a GTA interview with YOU magazine and stating that I enjoy going home and chainsawing locusts in half to relax at night. Obviously the magazine twisted that and my mother was horrified but to be honest it’s perfectly true isn’t it?

Last Updated: April 21, 2009


  1. janrik

    April 21, 2009 at 15:41

    Look I do it virtually, I dont do it for real… so relax mom, I will never kill a hooker for money after our transaction 😀


  2. Q121

    April 23, 2009 at 11:19

    But the Pimp will kill you if you dont pay up after your ummmm transaction


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