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Help me

Okay seriously I need some help here.

I am in a bit of a strange situation, I have a fantastic relationship with some of the distributors in SA and they are more than happy to give me some cool things to give away as prizes, but I am struggling to come up with some good ideas for competitions.

I have run a review competition and the response was good but not great, I ran the poster competition and again I got a good response but not great. The hidden Dharma thing had you guys being more interactive but I feel we can do better.

So this is just a call for help really, what type of competitions are best?

The thing is that unless I can get more people entering there is very little chance of being able to offer better prizes, I really want to be the first South African website to give away a full HD TV, but for that to happen I need you guys.

Also let me know what prizes you want, I know most of you don’t comment but you are more than welcome to send me a mail ([email protected]) and I can then see what I can do.

Last Updated: April 3, 2008

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