IBM's Kahle defends Cell, Sony PS3 on CoD4 issue

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Now a lot of people have been saying that COD4 is going to look much better on the PS3 than it will on the Xbox 360. It was finally going to show why the PS3 is a better gaming console. However the news trickling in is that it doesn’t look any better at all.

Obviously this is causing some people to get a little upset and has even prompted Jim Kahle from the IBM Cell Project to jump in. 

Kahle said that the next-generation of gaming is taking on more than just pushing graphics to extremes. He indicated that artificial intelligence (AI) will be higher on the priority list than ever before.

Now forgive me if I am losing the plot but hasn’t the PS3 been nailed quite a few times for bad AI already? Someone should tell Jim that when you decide to shift the goal posts you should move them to your strong areas…

IBM’s Kahle defends Cell, Sony PS3 on CoD4 issue – PS3 News, Wii News, Xbox 360 News, PSP News and more!

Last Updated: October 16, 2007

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