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id Software CEO: piracy pushed us multiplatform

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 So id (The makers of Quake and some other things) have come out and said they are going to be making more and more games for consoles due to the excessive piracy of PC games.

Personally I am not suprised by this and I feel that more and more developers are moving over to consoles now. They are easier to develop for with their standard architecture and if you make a large part of your game dependent on an internet connection it is very difficult to flash a console.

Piracy exists on consoles we all know that, but it is more difficult to accomplish and easier to catch for the developers.

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead gave a lecture on the problems of piracy on the internet. During his speech, Hollenshead revealed that, although they are still primarily a PC developer, id Software had begun to look at console game releases as a way to financially combat piracy.

Source: id Software CEO: piracy pushed us multiplatform – Joystiq

Last Updated: March 12, 2007

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