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Idiotic Xbox 360 Installs

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Xbox 360 Installs

I have made my opinion on the stupid PS3 installs quite clear and it really disheartens me to see the 360 going the same way.

To clarify something right in the beginning, 360 installs are not mandatory and will not be in this generation. This is because of the Xbox 360 Arcade which is sold and shipped without a HDD. Something which I originally thought was a bad idea and am now thankful about.

Anyway so this optional install is purely to speed up load times and to help certain games cope with texture pop in… Which just means every tom, dick and harry developer is going to ask you to install the game when they haven’t managed to develop it correctly.

Someone then mentioned that this is going to help with the huge multi-disc games which are on their way, FFXIII we are looking at you.

So the idea being that I can install those 5 (guessing) discs into my drive and then play through the entire game without having to get up and change discs. Is this finally a reason for installs?

Well no, because Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has decided that not only must the disc be in the drive while you are playing but it must always be the correct number as well.

So as you move to the next stage you will have to get up and insert disc 2 only for the 360 to check that it’s disc 2 and then continue to read off the drive.

I ask you with tears in my eyes what the point of that is? Just make sure that it’s always the first disk and your piracy concerns are sorted?

But something that is being touted all over the Internet is that the 360 installs are going to be quicker than the PS3 installs… Who really cares?

Source: OXM.co.uk

Last Updated: July 25, 2008


  1. baba

    July 25, 2008 at 10:49

    I don’t think installs have to do with developers not developing games correctly. It has to do with the hardware (DVD) drives not keeping up with technology.

    This generation developers have to spool probably up to 10x more data off DVD than with previous generations, and with seek times and transfer speeds that they are on DVD and BR, you are going to get pop-in. An easy solution is to dump some critical data on the HDD.

    You will never need to install complete disks on the HDD, because a lot of data streamed are Video and Audio which are not affected as much by seek times and transfer rates.

    You can do the maths as well 5 (discs) x +-9Gb = +-45Gb. Even on a 350 Elite you will run out of disk space quickly.

    Just accept the fact that installs are here to stay. PC’s started it, the consoles are just following in their footsteps.


  2. Macethy

    July 25, 2008 at 12:35

    My friend has a 360 Arcade and GTA IV loads in about 10 – 15 seconds and has almost no popin or loadtimes,so to me installing the game on a hard drive would seem totally pointless.The 360 doesn’t need HDD installs like the PS3 because the DVD drive reads much faster than the BR drive.


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