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id’s mobile RAGE temporarily free

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The release of id’s glorious 60 frames per second  post-apocalyptic shooter might still be a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get  a taste of RAGE right now. For free too, if you’re sporting one of Apple’s shiny iDevices.

Recently, id Software issued a challenge to  fans;   if they get to 100,000 “Likes” on the RAGE Facebook page, they would make Rage, and Rage HD, free for a week. Well, 100 000 people clicked “like”, so both versions of the iOS game are free until August 24th.

The mobile version of RAGE is an on-rails shooter that uses a pared-down version of id Tech 5. The standard version has lower resolution textures and is ideal for 3GS users, while RAGE HD is intended for iPhone 4 and iPad users. It’s a pretty decent game, with some of the best visuals you’ll find on iOS. It usually sells for $1.99 -  but who can argue with free?

Of course, with the local iTunes store pretty much devoid of games, you’ll have to set yourself up a faux UK or US account. We South African gamers are used to having to do that sort of thing though, right?

Source : Kotaku

[Thanks to Angus Pollock for the tip]

Last Updated: August 19, 2011

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