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If there is one Kickstarter project that deserves funding, it's Clang

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I've invented a sword that has a pen in the handle. I'll be invincible.

Like the mythical Hydra of old, for every Kickstarter project that gets successfully funded, two more arise to beg people for their money. And while we have yet to see anyone launch a Kickstopper initiative, at least some of the submissions so far have taken the time and effort to present a compelling plea for funding.

Such as Neal Stephenson, as his latest project, Clang, paints a brutally honest picture, that is peppered with deadpan delivery and a fantastic cameo and gaming in-joke.

What you are observing above, is Clang, a sword-fighting game, built on Stephenson’s passion for the melee art. The science fiction writer really loves swords, and Stephenson is looking for the talent to make it from dream to reality, so that he can compete with Angry Birds and the people who make Farmville.

For those of you who aren’t to clued in, the cameo that we mentioned, it’s:

Yep, Gabe Newell from Valve, crafting a crowbar and telling Stephenson that “These things take time”. Well played Newell, well played indeed.

Last Updated: June 11, 2012

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