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There was an actual Jane Austen MMO and it just shut down

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I dare say this news comes as a frightful note of dread in the midst of what has continued to be a rather troublesome year! The Jane Austen MMO, whimsically titled Ever, Jane, a ludological experience that no doubt took root amongst the kinds of folks that may indulge in such frivolous activities, will no longer be with us.

The tragic news of its passing bore down upon the house on Tuesday eve when developer 3 Turn Productions announced that Ever, Jane would not be launching this year as the bereavement of 2020 undermined what ought to have been a successful year for all involved parties.


A true pity then that such a unique replication of a popular literary sphere fell prey to the monetary issues that rob so frequently food from the mouths of babes. Several betas had been conducted and those participants that sought to supplement their tales of devilry and bravery in nonsensical fantasy realms seemed rather taken with the past time.

An MMO dedicated to playing the game of high society through such deadly strategies as mingling and gossiping certainly whispered sweetness to enough potential clientele to raise $100,000 in Kickstarter donations. Yet such a gathering of funds was not enough to stem the tide of plague in the year 2020 and 3 Turn requesting emergency donations from players but even then, the coffers ran dry.

EverJane 2

3 Turn Productions participated in a valiant attempt at crafting what many considered to be forthright and engaging experience. Yet even within such a dedicated following, one must speculate that those most invested in Ever, Jane were perhaps an audience too niche to support the long term machinations of an MMO. Strength, friends. May the light of fortune shine upon your house in the days to come, 3 Turn!

Last Updated: January 13, 2021

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