IGN: Haze Review – Ouch

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Oh no… this wasn’t what I was hoping was going to happen.

The much maligned Haze has started receiving a few reviews and while a few pro-Playstation websites have given it 9/10 or 80% the first major gaming site has come back with an overwhelmingly terrible 4.5/10

IGN has slated every single aspect of the game and stated that the only shining light is the multi-player and co-op which just doesn’t justify the purchase of this game.

I personally had high expectations and am just hoping IGN has this one wrong, I am sure we will find out on Friday when we publish our own review.

One thing that I do find quite hilarious though is that the current reader rating for Haze at IGN is 8.1, even though the game has not been released yet…

IGN: Haze Review

Last Updated: May 21, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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