I’m in the new dashboard preview – but there is a problem

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Late on Friday afternoon I received an email in my inbox that should have made me a little happy, you see I was chosen to participate in the Xbox Live update preview (along with half the planet).

But at least I was going to be able to post some first hand reports on the incoming dashboard update… but there is a problem.

I don’t have a Xbox 360 anymore, I am once again a victim of the shoddy quality of the Xbox 360 with my second RROD. So at the moment my white and red box is somewhere in the postal system which is a terrifying thought really.

What’s worse is that when the thing is finally returned I still won’t be able to participate since as far as I am aware they send the update to the console ID which will now be different thanks it being a refurbished unit that is returned to me.

This refurb unit will be my 4th Xbox now with my first being stolen and having 2 break on me, it’s even more depressing to think that I am no where near unique in this situation. How many Xbox’s have you gone through?

Last Updated: October 26, 2009

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