I'm So Not Playing Dead Space 2 – Screenshots

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Screenshots for Dead Space 2, and only serve to remind me that while many of you out there may be very excited to play it, I should probably give it a skip.

I’m obviously not saying that Dead Space 2 is going to be a bad game, I’m just saying that it doesn’t help that I haven’t managed to finish the first one just yet. In breaking news, I actually played some more Dead Space this past weekend in my conquest to one day be considered a real man.

The screenshots for Dead Space 2 do look really, really good though. This game is going to be as pretty as hell, and probably just about as hospitable.

Hit the jump for the screens.

Dead Space 2-5.jpg Dead Space 2-7.jpg Dead Space 2-9.jpg Dead Space 2-8.jpg Dead Space 2-6.jpg Dead Space 2-1.jpg

Last Updated: May 19, 2010

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