I’m taking your PS3, here have a 360

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Give me back the PS3

What an odd story. As the story goes a person by the name of Dustin Waller was given a PS3 by his fiancee as a present. As he had injured himself working and now had to remain stationary for 3 months…

His fiancee went down to a shop called 3D games and picked him up a second hand one and some games. Once she had got home they set it all up and he set about looking for online games to join…

Then instantly the walls exploded and 50 SWAT members came flying through the windows… okay that’s not true but that is how it is going to be if they make a movie about it.

What really happened is that a few days later he gets a knock at the door and it’s the police. They have tracked down this stolen PS3 by monitoring the PSN, getting his IP address and then getting a search warrant approved by a judge to get his Internet records released by Bell South.

They then confiscated his PS3.

After a bit of negotiations, 3D Games offered them a Xbox 360 instead which has left poor old Dustin a little miffed as

“the Xbox isn’t nearly as expensive or sophisticated as the PlayStation”

And apparently his other ones kept breaking.

There are a few parts to this story that I think smell a little fishy though to be honest. According to Dustin he didn’t know that he was logging into someone else’s account everytime and just presumed it was a guest account… Like that non-existent guest account on all those broken Xbox 360’s?

He also apparently knew that the PS3 was wiped of all its memory and yet didn’t realise he was logging in as someone else…

But the most suprising part of the entire story is that we are to believe that his fiancee bought him a PS3… Do such wonderful ladies still exist?

Last Updated: August 11, 2008

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