Immersion and Sony Kiss & Make Up

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So great news for PlayStation fans, it seems like Sony and Immersion (the guys who own the rumble patent) have settled their differences and they are now planning on implementing some Immersion technology in Sony products.

I wonder though why it has taken Sony so long to sort this out, the lack of Rumble in the PS3 has been a major complaint of many gamers since it was announced.

This news might also signal the possibility of Force Feedback steering wheels for the PS3 which is a must for any driving games really.

One worrying point however is that Sony has already stated that the PS3 does not have the required architecture to enable rumble in the consoles, so does this mean they are going to have to restructure the PS3’s innards or do you think that was a bit of a white lie?

So any bets on how long it is going to be before the standard PS3 controller will have rumble in it?

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Last Updated: March 2, 2007

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