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In Other News – 02 December 2011

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Another week of crazy work dusted off, another weekend to look forward to playing games and racking up achievements and trophies. Except for me. I’m kinda gut-busted after last night, having taken full advantage of an all you can eat ribs special.

Truth be told, after the third rack of ribs, I should have called it quits, but they were just so damn delicious. Now, I feel like I have a chestburster incubating inside of me, waiting for that right moment to tear its way through my all too human flesh.

In Other News: Catherine gets collective, we find out what happened to the popular Pandemic Studios and we look at the most ridiculous weapons in gaming.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because the waiter was trying to get me to finish my massive meal by feeding me a wafer.

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IO Interactive’s ‘Ambitious Plans For Hitman
Catherine’s European Limited Edition detailed
Atlus responds to The King of Fighters XIII online play issues
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact is heading to PS Vita
What Happened To Pandemic? Former President Explains
Assassin’s Creed reaches PC, but needs immediate patching
EA acquires social gaming developer Klicknation, merges it with Bioware
Konami announces shipping date for Neverdead
New FIFA Street screens emerge


Why Call of Duty endures
The 25 most ridiculous weapons in games
What happened to Mirrors Edge?
Top five most addictive games on the iPhone


Max Payne 3 developer first interview
Forgotten Kodoma debut trailer
Gotham City Imposters: Batz and Jokers animated short

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Last Updated: December 2, 2011

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