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In Other News – 02 June 2014

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And so begins the road to E3. We’re as prepared as we’ll ever be. We’ve got a seedy motel room booked for the Pre-E3 party, we’ve posted an ad on CraigsList and we’re hoping that this time the party won’t be gate-crashed by horny Furries. For once.

In Other News: Mortal Kombat is almost upon us, Ryse up DLC, The Forest is early, EA may have to fork out some varsity cash and Luigi takes Mario Kart too seriously.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy putting pizzas on top of bigger pizzas.


Mortal Kombat X listed on Amazon ahead of todays reveal
Luigi takes this Mario Kart business seriously
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare could hit Wii U
Ryse: Son of Rome DLC adds to Gladiator, Survival and Solo modes
The Forest is now available via Steam Early Access
EA may pay almost $1000 per college athlete for sports game set
Those unearthed landfill cartridges will be sold at auction


American roads and game design – A love letter
Life after death: meet the people ensuring that yesterday’s systems will never be forgotten
Real Mass Effect rifle does not need calibration
Could it be time to abandon the word ‘videogame’ altogether?


Top Ten E3 train wrecks
Company of Heroes 2 – US Forces trailer
Wildstar – Developer Day One tips

What’s on at The Movies

This first trailer for Kill The Messenger doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories
Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives on Blu-Ray September 9
No good deed goes unpunished in this latest trailer for The Green Inferno
Monday Box Office Report
Edgar Wright’s replacement on Ant-Man has been found…Or maybe not
And the actor playing Thanos in Guardians Of The Galaxy is…

Model: Jenna Pietersen

Last Updated: June 2, 2014

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