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In Other News – 02 May 2012

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It’s kind of awesome when you happen to share a birthday with someone. While Geoff hammered this point home to me with a Peoples Elbow, Gavin instead shot Liverpool laced daggers at my connection to David Beckham, while Garth gave me a red World War One model plane, thanks to my Cherman heritage and shared day of birth with a certain Red Baron.

That, and being a turncoat runs in my family.

The Birthday wishes have been awesome so far, and to me, in this case, the thought truly does count, so thanks guys, it means the world to me. So, how about the rest of you, do you share a birthday with anyone (in)famous?

I know that Geoff happens to have been born on the same day as a certain, pre-pubescent horror that regularly warbles its screeches on the radio…

In Other News: We debate 3D versus 2D, we find a lost Game Gear title and we lose an iOS copy of Rockband. Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy checking my head for grey hairs.


EA takes back copies of Rockband from iOS users
The Unfinished Swan is almost, well, finished
Hellgate Global – May events revealed
Nintendo publishers are divided on digital retail pricing
Original Deus Ex is coming to PS3,most likely as a PS2 classic
The Desolate Hope, a free and awesome game
Study finds that games promote cooperation instead of agression
Fans uncover lost Game Gear puzzle title
AMD Catalyst update enhances image quality


Features that I miss from last-gen gaming
Prototype 2 Radnet challenges guide
How infinities are good for fighting games
Is free to play the future of gaming?


Awesomenauts – Launch Trailer
Sniper Elite V2 – Launch trailer
Ghost Recon Alpha – Crossover trailer

Across the Networks

Universal sues Global Asylum over American Battleship, Asylum thanks them for the free publicity
The Expendables 2s Terry Crews shows us exactly how you do a trailer for a trailer
Tom Cruise may be Van Helsing some vampires soon
The Avengers has Hulk-smashed local box office records
It’s time to get manly with these 12 new character posters for the Expendables 2
Is Marvel planning more Hulk movies?
Midweek mouth-off – The 3D debate
Has Benedict Cumbermatch’s villainous role been leaked?
Hope is lost in the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises
One Australian Billionaire wants to rebuild the titanic and tempt fate
Give your flash drive a royal seal and keep your secrets old timey safe
And this is how you really celebrate a milestone in anything

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Last Updated: May 2, 2012

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