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In Other News 03 August 2012 Weekend Edition

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In case some (most) of you haven’t heard, it looks like PE is soon going to be quite smelly. We’re cut off from our water supplies thanks to recent rainwaters damaging our pipes, and it looks like we’re going to quite dry for the next week or two. I refuse to remain filthy however, and will be jumping into my neighbours pool for a quick bath, even though doing so in the middle of winter will most likely leave me nipples hard enough to cut through steel.

In Other News: Piracy is unstoppable, Ada Wong has some nasty pictures, id isn’t interested in mobile devices anymore, aliens breed and we disguise ourselves with a pixelated balaclava. Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy trying to be like Mike Basson, the coolest guy in all of Jozi.


Making games too long is disastrous, says Ubisoft
Diablo 3s plunging popularity in Korea is all relative
Piracy cannot be stopped, says Dead Trigger dev
The game that has been downloaded over 100 million timers – And isn’t Angry Birds
17 new Resident Evil 6 screens of Ada Wong in action
Team 17s Alien Breed hatches on iOS
id Software ceases all mobile game operations
Paul Dini is not returning to Rocksteady’s Batman universe


Why all the hate for Call of Duty?
The most annoying video game characters of all time
Wii U launch games – Day one purchase prediction
Binary Morality


Medal of Honor Warfighter – Linkin Park behind the scenes trailer
Doom 3 BFG – The lost mission trailer
Wildstar – Housing trailer

Across the Networks

Matthew McConaughey joins the wolf pack
Friday Fight Club – Van Damme tag team dream impact maximum double risk collision
Guardians of the galaxy recruits a new writer
The Dark Tower rises with Russell Crowe attached
Jennifer Lawrence discovers the house at the end of the street in this trailer
Movies out today – Be Brave, be kick ass, be other things too
Ghostbusters 3 is moving ahead, but without Bill Murray
Things get raunchier and funnier in this new red band trailer for Bacholerette
Windows 8 is complete – Oh look, it’s been leaked already
Pixel masks scare the cheese out of me
The ultimate Dark Knight replica has arisen
This could be the best use of product placement in the Olympics

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Last Updated: August 3, 2012

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