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In Other News – 03 May 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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I think that I might have overdone it last night with the celebratory supper. It’s been ages since I’ve had a sit down meal at Spur, so naturally, my eyes were indeed larger than my stomach.

Half a double patty hunger-buster later, with melted cheddar and pepper-sauce, and my my jeans were under more strain than the law of gravity around Khulubuse Zuma. But hot diggety, It was totally worth it.

In Other News: Halo 4 redesigns a few old favourite death-bringers, hanging out with David Hayter, Prometheus gets spoilery and we find inebriation in a can.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy threatening our servers with rusty spoons.


No Half-Life 3 announcement planned for E3 this year
Project Zomboid gets re-animated
Skullgirls is accidentally region-locked on PSN
Nintendo reveals gameplay features for Pokémon Conquest
Persona 4 is headed to the Vita
Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter closes on over $600 000
XCOM Enemy Unknown re-imagines the floater
Halo 4 weapons include a few classic redesigns


There will actually be women in the next Call of Duty
Hanging with David Hayter, aka Solid Snake
Top Ten video game cliff-hangers
Gamers need to stop being pushovers


R.A.W – Wizard Trailer
Dragons Dogma – A game of pawns
The Unfinished Swan – PSN Reveal Trailer

Across the Networks

Which tech brand has always served you faithfully?
What happens when you stick your hand inside the Large Hadron Collider?
Inebriation in a spray! I don’t get it
Holograms might be the 3D future of electronic communications
The upcoming Bill Hicks doccie will remind you why we need to hunt down Billy Ray Cyrus
See a friend helping out another a friend in this VERY NSFW trailer and poster for Klown
Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter  featurette – ‘It’s a super-hero origin’
Gary Ross straps on a straight-jacket, for a new Harry Houdini Secret Agent film
Robert Pattinson gets blacklisted
Things get kind of spoilery in this new international trailer and promo clip for Prometheus
There actually is a second end credits scene for the Avengers, and we have all the spoilery details inside

Model: Lauren Goosen

Last Updated: May 3, 2012

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