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In Other News – 04 April 2012

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Once again, Geoff has convinced me to try something else, a different kind of game than the usual run and gun action that I have been engaging in as of late. I’ve just recharged my iTunes account with some much needed moolah, and for once, I’m not spending it on Britney Spears AC/DC albums.

Instead, I’m going to be giving Kingdom Rush a bash, to see what exactly Geoff has been frothing at the mouth about lately. So if I start to exhibit similar symptoms, you know who to blame.

In Other News: The Star Wars that will never be, Final Fantasy gets fashionable with Prada and the power of magic and the Kinect, combined!

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because being the Captain McSieve-Teflon-Head that I am lately, I probably forgot about it.


Kingdoms of Amalur gets a second DLC pack
New El Shaddai is a social game spin-off
Final Fantasy reveals Prada showcase
New Star Wars Battlefront 3 Alpha footage shows the game that almost was
Report: Indies don’t make enough money to even eat
Images  from cancelled Justice League game surface
Darwinia is now available on GOG
PS3 becomes the first console to offer Amazon Instant video


Have video games become too easy?
Why The Hunger Games should not be a video game
Stuck in a gaming rut
Magician wows audience at TED with the Kinect


Max Payne 3 – Multiplayer interview
Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Ultros battle DLC
Star Wars Kinect – I’m Han Solo gameplay

Across the networks

Clive Barker wants a Pinhead on TV
Hey, you got some Hunger Games in my Pirates! Band of misfits trailer
Daniel Craig wants to be Bond until they tell him to stop
Liam Neeson prepares to kick ass in an airplane
Midweek mouth off – Be a development hell hero
New Prometheus images take us behind the scenes
James Bond may be teaming up with the Queen to open the London Olympics
So, Grooveshark is pretty much dead
Google takes a street view of the White House
This Terminator figure stole the clothes, boots and a motorcycle from my less cool toys
Meet Morpho, the transforming, walking robot ball

Model: Olga Kurylenko

Last Updated: April 4, 2012

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