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In Other News – 04 September 2012

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Spring is in the air, as evidenced by the fact that people are walking around with noses that me think that the Red Nose day charity is making a comeback. Still, I’ve got a feeling, that this season, I’m going to be in the clear, as I’ve been feeling as healthy as a Japanese cow before slaughter for several months now. Bring it on Spring, I’m ready for ya!

In Other News: We say goodbye to a gentle giant, the Wii U gets a fantasy, undiscovered secrets in Gears of War 3, Steam finds Half Life 3 offensive, Bastion in pretty pictures, Catwoman in highly detailed plastic and Sean Penn in eyeliner.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy getting ready to go watch the DVD of the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 film that had just arrived from Ghana.


Big budget Wii U fantasy RPG outed by job post and concept art
Gamestop predicts one new console in 2013, then in 2014 again
Guild Wars 2 trading post is now fully operational
The Cave screenshot gallery emerges
Ratchet: Deadlocked locked in for PSN re-release this year
If the Ouya fails, you (probably) won’t get your money back
Steam deletes games with Half-Life 3 and offensive content from Greenlight
Make a Gears of War designer happy by finding this easter egg


The glorious art of Bastion
Five games that know how to use DLC
Is it time that games tackled disability issues?
Escape from Mount Stupid – 25 years of Zelda


Screwattack video game vault – The death and return of Superman
DmC – diametric weaponry interview
F1 2012 – Developer Diary: Improvements

Across the networks

This Catwoman figure is purrfect
Bruce Willis wants to leave his iTunes library in his will
A chestburting proper use for Augmented Reality
This new clip from Dredd is ‘admirable’
Oogieloves is now the worst opening film of all time
Sean Penn is hunting Nazis while rocking in this trailer for This must be the place
Beauty and violence collide in this first trailer for Rust and bone
Henry Cavill talks justice and respect for Man of Steel
Spike Jonze man-falls in love with Siri movie, gets a synopsis and title
Retro-Spection – JFK
Michael Clarke Duncan passes away at 54

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Last Updated: September 4, 2012

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