In Other News – 05 July 2013 Weekend Edition

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This is the space where I say something funny and give people more fuel to make fun of me. Then again, I have a slice of cake waiting for me. So, uh…Look a wild Peter Molyneux! GET HIM!

In Other News: Blizzard is going to charge you micro-extra, Fez gets patched, Nintendo gets hacked and the art of demon goat things.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy laughing at Geoff’s racist cat.


Club Nintendo hacked in Japan
Tokyo Mobile Jungle out next week, first screen revealed
Fez Xbox Live patch inbound at last
Blizzard is considering micro-transactions for World of Warcraft
Gust’s new Vita RPG Chronos Materia gets some new screens
Left 4 Dead 2 linux leaves the beta safe house
Sonic Racing gets a new character on PC
Commander Video sprints to browsers in new endless runner


Take that, demonic goat person thing
The heartbreaking truth of Animal Crossing
What Arkham Asylum gets right and wrong about the criminally insane
Time Sinks – Persona 3


Saints Row IV – Executive powers preview
Guncraft – world building walkthrough
Scourge – Outbreak co-op campaign trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Friday Fright Club – Dead Snow
The Bustin’ Chops premier – Better than expected
It doesn’t get more real than this 4K trailer for In Saturn’s Rings
These 15 new Snowpiercer images have seen better days
Movies Out Today – Despicable killers abound
The team is back in these four new TV spots for Red 2
Warner Bros has forced Lee Daniels into pleading to get his movie title back

Model: Adriana Lima

Last Updated: July 5, 2013

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