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In Other News – 05 June 2012

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Monika Pietrasinska

What a hectic couple of days its been! Between myself and the other guys,we’ve had little to no sleep, as we posted story after story that escaped out of E3 from the press conferences. It’s been hit and miss so far from E3, but from those games that were shown, quite a few look simply spectacular.

In Other News: Shoguns edit their battlefields, why Halo 4 resembles Metroid,  we integrate everything, Hannibal Lector has us over for dinner on TV and we take a peek at Tony Starks armoury.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post because we were kinda sleepyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


We’ve heard it a few times, says 343 Industries over Halo 4 being similar to Metroid
Quantum Conundrum headed to PC on June 21
Total War Shogun2 update introduces a map editor
Nintendo E3 Press conference to feature 3DS games as well
Twisted Metal is coming to the PS Vita
Assassin’s Creed 3 to get exclusive DLC on PS3
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 comes with scope hacks that can shoot through walls


How Watch Dogs smashed through my fragile gaming reality
Top five frightening moments in video games
Mirrors Edge 2 – The 5 stages of grief
E3 so far – Integrate all the things!


Persona 4 Golden – E3 2012 Trailer
Geronimo Stilton – E3 debut trailer
Transformers Fall of Cybertron – Metroplex E3 Trailer

Across the Networks

In the future, all airlines might just entertain you with iPads
The worlds fastest bicycle is going to be made from scrap parts
Non artists rejoice! Salvation is at your hand!
Tony Stark has so many wonderful suits, in this official photo from Iron Man 3
Marvel begs George Lucas to release Howard the Duck onto Blu-Ray
Get ready to Scream all over again, on a weekly basis
Fred Durst wants Elijah Wood, Brendan Fraser and Vincent Donoforio to be Pawn Stars
Looks like World War Z is in for some reshoots
Ridley Scott describes a full scene from the Blade Runner sequel, and I’m not impressed
Madds Mikkelsen will be getting into your head with a fork, in the new Hannibal Lector TV series

Model: Monika Pietrasinska

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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