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In Other News – 05 March 2012

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If there is one thing that people should know about me, it’s that I love spicy food. I’m a sauce fanatic, I’m the kind of guy who dips his food in Tabasco sauce in order to give it flavour. So you can bet your buns that when I make something to eat, it will most likely leave you with a bum that resembles a Japanese flag the following morning.

I did just such a thing on the weekend, making my Omega Sanction Burrito’s even more potent than ever, thanks to some free-handed sprinkling of some exotic Rwandan death-sauce into the concoction.

And I’ve been paying for it ever since. My day has been filled with Olympic level jogs to the bathroom the whole day, because whatever I made, has had the effect of presumably liquidating my organs, and there’s only one way out.

That, and I have to explain to the cops why the living room is filled with several of my dead friends who tried out my my meal. Again.

In Other News: Tim Schafer explains what he would need in order to bring back Brutal Legend, the PSN gets a dusty free game to play and the video game characters who just refuse to die.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because Oh crap I’ll be back in a couple of minutes I’d hold your nose if I were you!


Tim Schafer says that he would love to make a Brutal Legend sequel
Lost your Mass Effect 2 savegames? This is how you can rescue them
Dust 514 is now free to play
Double Fine wants to release games on Nintendo platforms as well
Wing Commander saga is coming on March 22
Forza Horizon could be open world
Twisted Metal update 3 delayed, Nuke mode XP changes are now live
"Halo 4 is the best looking game ever on the Xbox 360" says developer


Five characters who just won’t die
Three gaming trilogies that may never be finished
The 6 worst leaders in video game history
Backhanded Boxquotes – "I hope the man who created this game burns in hell"


Mass Effect 3 – Launch trailer
A game of thrones – Castlewood trailer
South Park: Scott Tenorman’s Revenge – Debut trailer

Across the Networks

Benedict Cumbermatch talks about the Hobbit and giggling at Bilbo
From trolls to demons, as Andre Ovredal targets an American film debut
Monday Box Office report – The Lowrax finds itself ahead of Navy Seals and Rowdy teenagers
Ten minutes of John Carter is available for viewing online
Human Centipede 3 is on the way, humanity weeps
ParaNorman trailer is dead funny
Hilariously bad He-Man Masters of the Universe fan film has to be seen to be believed
Legendary Star Wars artist Ralph McQuarrie passes away
Forget about the real iPad 3, the conceptual one kicks its ass in more ways than one
A stop motion remake of the TMNT intro
Headphones that cannot be tangled? I want these now!

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