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In Other News – 06 November 2013

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Diana Melison

By the time you read this, I’ll once again be sitting in an airport waiting to travel. I’ve flown a ton this year, and this will most likely be my final journey for the year. Because I’m running out of nerves for all these damn flights.

In Other News: City of Titans has pledges, EA shifts Need for Speed to its sports label, UNIIIIIITY on the Xbox One and just you try and shrink the moon.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because Gavin was too busy making certain that I was only served Jain vegetarian meals on my Blizzcon flight.


One of Scale’s puzzles involves shrinking the moon
Unity tools for Xbox One will be free to idXbox members
Need for Speed joins the EA sports brand
Blizzard trademarks Warlords of Draenor
Activision-Blizzard to sell Call of Duty dog tags for charity
Envision Entertainment rises from the ashes of EA’s Phenomic
Oddbox is coming to PS3 tomorrow in Europe
Faster than a speeding bullet, City of Titans raises double it’s crowdfunding target


Watch the designer of Zelda get chased around NYC
Why Call of Duty is increasingly under threat as king of the console shooters
WWE 2K14 is a lot like playing with action figures
Is the future of story-led games to be totally different?


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – Sports costume DLC trailer
Forced – Spirit trailer
Infinite Crisis – Champion profile: Harley Quinn

What’s on at The Movies

We’re screwing with the laws of nature in this first trailer for Helix
Director James Gunn talks Guardians of the Galaxy
The game isn’t over yet, as SAW 8 is in development
We Review The Family – Pointless and too serious despite a fun premise
Midweek Mouth Off – One movie to beat in 2013
Snikt Snikt! Hugh Jackman and James Mangold are making another Wolverine movie
We Review Thor: The Dark World 3D – An imperfect but thoroughly entertaining sci-fi fantasy romp

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Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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