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In Other News – 07 August 2012 Testosterone Tuesday Edition

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So I got a birthday request today to do an ION that had more testicles in than it normally does. Well happy birthday to you then, Tracy Benson! Your threat to dismember me with a potato-peeler if I didn’t do this did not fall on deaf ears, so enjoy the eye candy today!

In Other News: What to play as in Dragon Quest, some Mafia goons might HD-return, Microsoft will reign over our galaxy, Darksiders 2 will keep the action going after the story is complete and we get plastered while watching the Olympics.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because Gavin and Geoff were attacking me with yellow snowballs.


The playable races of Dragon Quest X
Little Big Planet celebrates 7 million users with a massive infographic
DayZ has now scared one million people witless
Microsoft files trademark for Galactic Reign
Kickstarter Gaymercon obliterates funding target
Report claims that Mafia 3 is in development for next-gen consoles
Kojima to host Metal gear retrospective at Eurogamer expo
Darksiders 2 will have an arena mode and new game plus mode


Early education technology makers can learn a thing or two from games
Video game collecting versus hoarding
How Dawnguard can help you rediscover Skyrim
Why Lego Batman 2 is the perfect superhero game


F1 2012 – Champions mode trailer
Tryst – Gameplay trailer
Screwattack video game vault – Wrestlemania the arcade game for SNES

Across the Networks

Windows 8 phones might be just around the corner
This machine pours a shot every time an Olympic medal is won
Are you an early adopter of social networking?
Richard E Grant to star in Doctor Who Christmas special
Richard E Grant has a thing or two to teach Jack Ryan
Sacha Baron Cohen might be James Bond in his next film
There’s no Christmas for the Great Gatsby as the film drops to a 2013 release date
Guillermo del Toro talks Hulk TV series and how he thought about directing Thor and The Wolverine
FOX may have found their Daredevil director, but they’ll have to give up some Fantastic Four rights to pull it off
This teaser trailer for Katheryn Bigelows’ Zero Dark Thirty asks when the last was that you saw Bin Laden
We review Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – A stylish but silly story taken far too seriously

Model: Taylor Kitsch (Thanks TechniKyle!)

Last Updated: August 7, 2012

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