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In Other News – 07 October 2011 Weekend Edition

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Weekend is here folks! Time to burn your corporate neck-nooses and let loose, spend time with family and unwind. There’s rugby on this weekend, so avoid wearing anything yellow in case we lose that match. If you’re staying indoors, we hope you have a great morning and enjoy swearing at the television whenever the ref seems unfair.

As for right now, you’ve no doubt got your eyes firmly plastered on the gorgeous Zanelle Breedt, our homegrown hottie for the weekend. This party girl loves to have a good time and pina colodas (and getting caught in the rain), so read up all about the lovely lass when you get a chance.

In Other News: A horror movie icon is preparing for a digital return, Tekken gets a fancy limited edition release and an EA founder tells us where the future of gaming lies.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because my apparent grammar faux pas earlier caused everyone in the office to join in on a Miz-meme, with our constant chants of “Really?” driving everyone around us insane.

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Last Updated: October 7, 2011

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