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In Other News – 07 September 2012 Weekend Edition

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Guys, I need you all to step back. Take a deep breath, and prepare yourselves. You’ve worked hard this whole weekend, put in overtime and gave it your all, at 110%. So you need a weekend which will rock your socks off. Which is why I’m urging you all to have one…GANGNAM STYLE! OP OP OP!

In Other News: Scotland is worthless as a games developer, soldiers playing video games, Doom and Magnets, zombies on the PSN, Crysis has a sale, EA has some sports passes and Bruce Willis kills everyone.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy – I’m all out of funny stuff to say. Ah screw it, it’s weekend, cheers folks.


EA Sports Season Pass – New subscriptions detailed
These real soldiers are being trained on amazing video games
Walking Dead Episode 3, now on PSN
This game looks nothing like Pokémon
Crysis series gets a 75% discount on Steam
Anger as government reports paint the Scottish gaming industry as worthless
Drake Rider is a new episodic RPG for iOS from Square Enix
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 wants to break a new world record


When the future of video games was tape decks
You light up my life – What Steam Greenlight is for indies, from indies
Five gaming remakes.sequels that need to get made
You absolute monster – Achievements to feel bad about


Thunder Wolves – It’s over trailer
Might and Magic Heroes Online – Debut trailer
Battle of the Immortals – Shifting tides teaser

Across the Networks

Mass Effect Paragon Lost anime film has been delayed
Friday Fight Club – Doom and Magnets
Black magic beware, Vin Diesel may be The last witch hunter!
Bruce Willis wants to be an American Assassin
Movies releasing today – From sharks to savages, aliens to Katy Perry
It’s Groundhog Day, but with more explosions in Joe Carnahan’s Continue
Liam Hemsworth finds love and opportunities to take his shirt off in this first trailer
There’s nowhere to hide when robots can outrun humans
When 50 quadrocopters light up the sky, the results are beautiful
Amazon unveils the Kindle Fire HD

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Last Updated: September 7, 2012

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