In Other News – 08 August 2011 Revenge Edition

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August the third, a date that will live on in infamy. Because of the scores of dead erections, which were attributed directly to my choice of eye candy which I used in the ION post that day. So, due to the fact that I am a spiteful and vindictive kind of guy, I’ve spent the last couple of days looking for the perfect image with which to exact my revenge on all the nasty comments and twitter hate-spam that came my way after that previous ION post.

Behold my vengeance ya jerks!

In Other News: An Xbox alpha male has emerged, some classic and chilly Mortal Kombat costumes, better crowd booing and taunting with future WWE games and the epic ballad of Final Fights Mike Haggar. Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy lobbying for a Man’s day public holiday to be created.


Stallion83 and his 600 000 gamerscore
How big is the Xbox Rage install?
Why Arkham City will outdo Arkham Asylum
There will be another Darkstalkers game
WWE 12 Will have more dynamic crowds and reactions
Get some classic Sub Zero skins with the next compatibility patch for Mortal Kombat
EA Origin will offer you some big game discounts on your birthday


The Polish edition of Dead Island is unfairly exclusive
Gears of War epic scale premium bust will cost you an and a leg
Why Sony needs a first party RPG exclusive again
Escape from Monkey Island retrospective
Top 5 video game coverups


The Ballad of Mike Haggar
Dishonoured SlideShow Trailer
Star Wars the Old Republic: Jedi Consular Class details
Assassins Creed Online Features Interview

Last Updated: August 8, 2011

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