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In Other News – 08 February 2012

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Rosie Jones

Er, I better write something interesting here while you all stare at the header image above. I know! My recipe for ultimate cookies of infinite happiness! Alright, here’s what you: First, buy some chips ahoy or American Style Brownie cookies, and get a jar of Nutella.

Then, you deftly, DEFTLY, dip the biscuit into the Nutella. Then you shove the biscuit in your mouth. Repeat until satisfied, or until you die from a sugar-overload that can only be measured in Charlie Sheens.

The end.

In Other News: The Fall of Cybertron is going to make the war look like a slap-fight, PS3 updates their firmware to include some much needed clouds and Square Enix talks about Sleeping Dogs.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because someone thought that he could do a better Darth Sidious impersonation, and I wasn’t going to have any of that.


Forge of Empires battle system detailed
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will exceed War for Cybertron in every way says dev
Rumour: Square Enix to launch Sleeping Dogs in August this year
The new PS3 firmware update features dropbox support
Starhawk limited edition and box art revealed
Konami announces details for first Neverdead DLC
Crash Bandicoot creator would love to see an HD version
THQ suggests a new feature for WWE 13


Skyrim Creation Kit: Troubleshooting guide
The 6 worst PS3 exclusives
Cheating is great, as long as its offline
Top ten banned video games


Tiger Woods – Legacy mode trailer
Darkness 2 – Most evil trailer
I am alive – Survivor trailer

Across the Networks

Award winning composer John Williams turns 80 today
Vince Vaughn and Owne Wilson reunite for Interns
Wrath of the Titans reveals some truly epic marketing posters
Dave Bautista joins Vin Diesel for Riddick
Midweek Mouth-Off: Sick and tired of overhype
Denzel Washington gets attached to “2 guns”
Zak Penn to rewrite the Karate Kid sequel
LG teases its upcoming Optimus Vu cell phone
The Dark Spud Rises
That $50 000 that Anonymous tried to extort from Symnatec? It was totally for charity
Bombproof trash cans with LCD screens? Its all part of the British Olympics!

Model: Rosie Jones

Last Updated: February 8, 2012

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