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In Other News – 08 November 2011

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It’s been a very lonely day in the office. The rest of the gang snuck out to go get their hands dirty with Modern Warfare 3, leaving me all alone to fend for myself. And these offices are creepy when they’re deserted.

Still, at least I have some quality time to myself, and barring that incident where I accidentally left the Velociraptor cage open, or when I accidentally switched off the oxygen in the server room, its been smooth sailing so far. Now to go mess around on Geoffs computer and hotlink his entire MP3 collection to Hanson’s Mmbop song…

In Other News: The Power Rangers get ready to go go make a mighty morphin’ MMO, Bungie on their plans for a future graphical engine and PETA goes mental over digital rat-slaying.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy learning how to play “I am so lonely” on a piano while I waited for the gang to come back.


Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition art book detailed and priced
Power Rangers MMO announced
Future-Proofing Bungies next big game engine
Skyrim gets a day one patch
EA and Bioware send Neogaf a cease and desist letter to stop posting ME3 story spoilers
Uncharted patch 3.1 detailed
PETA Goes mental over a Battlefield 3 scene that involves rat-killing
Digital Delivery to overtake boxed games by 2015


Three tips to level up faster in MW3
Six things we need to see in Dead Space 3
Top five emotional moments in gaming
I don’t like multiplayer, but don’t you dare call me a casual gamer
The myths of game-testing


Modern Warfare 3 Eiffel Tower battle trailer
King of Fighters XIII Preview
NFL Blitz debut trailer

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Last Updated: November 8, 2011

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