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In Other News – 09 February 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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Seeing Tim Schafer realise his goal of getting funding for his latest game today made me realise something. I totally need to start my own Kickstarter fund. But seeing as how the company insists that it has to be used for actual projects, I’m not allowed to set one up. So I’ll do it here.

If you send me the following amounts of cash, this is what you get in return:

  • R1: I’ll tweet something nice about you 
  • R5: I’ll hug you for an uncomfortably long period of time if we ever meet 
  • R10: I’ll photoshop your face into a Lazygamer article header 
  • R50: I’ll sing you a song of your choice 
  • R100: I’ll stop singing 
  • R200: I’ll draw a picture of you fighting werewolves with Nelson Mandela 
  • R1000: I’ll give you the password to the online folder where Geoff keeps all the nice pictures of ION headers

Great deal right? SO SEND ME MONEY! In the mean time, have a gander at our homegrown hottie of the day, Suzonne Liebenberg, a small town girl who is a sucker for Valentines day and horror movies. Read more about her here.

In Other News: Lego says goodbye to the online world, some hobbits invade Tamriel and Bioshock implements double-secrecy on the ending to Bioshock Infinite.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy waiting for the cash to roll in so that I could buy a Batmobile.


The box art of Aliens: Colonial Marines
Over ten million players have logged an average of 75 hours on Skyrim PC version
The ending to Bioshock Infinite is a secret to everybody
Lego Universe pulls the plug
The trophies of Shank 2
The Elder Scrolls gets a little Middle Earth
Gotham City Impostors gets free DLC in March
Resident Evil 6 will have totally different zombies


Max Payne 3 desktop wallpapers released
Top 7 cheerleaders in gaming
Breaking the fourth wall in gaming
Five things in gaming that have to go


Street Fighter X Tekken – Video match montage
Gotham City Impostors – Launch Trailer
Shank 2 – Launch trailer

Across the Networks

Joseph Gordon-Levitt becomes a director
Billy Connolly gets ready to dwarf things up in The Hobbit
Jason Statham is on heat
The trailer and poster is out for The Bourne Legacy, time to do some laundry!
Iron Sky gets an official trailer
Natalie Portman gets Lawless
This is what an Internet troll is like in real life
Will we shower horizontally in the future?
Make your hard drive a thousand times faster…With lasers!
Google Chrome 17 arrives, brings with it a better browsing experience

Model: Suzonne Liebenberg

Last Updated: February 9, 2012

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