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In Other News – 09 March 2012, Weekend Edition!

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It’s Friday, or as many of you are calling it, Mass Effect 3 day. I have a currently unopened N7 edition of the game sitting next to me, and I’ve pretty much set aside the entire weekend to sit in my pyjamas, eat delivered pizza and play the hell out of Mass Effect 3. I’ve got a fridge full of Monster energy (currently R30 for two of those giant cans at Shell garages) and have just switched my phone off. It’s time to take back the Earth.

In Other News: The next Xbox may be discless, Quantic Dreams of a Sony future, not even a little Mortal Kombat for Ozzies, Valve’s Steambox is a pipedream and Ghost Recon’s got lots of guns.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because MASS EFFECT 3, BABY!

This week on Lazygamer

Binary domain review – Die, Robot
Another look at the Diablo III Beta
Angry Birds Seasons review – Green Pigs and Ham?
FFD: What would be your perfect game?
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review – “Call me Snake”
Lazygamer TV – Five blockbuster games that would suit the PS Vita perfectly
Zumba Fitness Rush review – Shake what your Mambo gave you
You want some more sexy Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay?
NeverDead review – Never again
Win a Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition
I’m Commander Shepard, and 10 is my favourite review score in the Galaxy
F1 2011 (PSVita) Review – Press F1 for Help
Is Fable Heroes Lionhead’s surprise?
We go hands on with Max Payne 3
Hands off preview with Max Payne 3


The Xbox 720 wont have a disc drive?
Epic: ‘If next-gen consoles aren’t bleeding edge, Apple will beat them’
Heavy Rain devs: We’re exclusive to Sony
Gamers Are Now Angry at BioWare Because of An Image in Mass Effect 3 (SPOILER)
Jade Raymond teases next Splinter Cell
Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski Says New Devs Should Make For PC
Mass Effect producer comes under fire on Twitter
Mortal Kombat “Banned” in Australia – again
Valve Deny Steam Box Rumours, Talk Up Big Picture
CD Projekt Will Never Use DRM, Says CEO
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Has 20 Million Gun Configs


How Microsoft can beat Sony and Nintendo at E3
NPD Sales – February
Mass Effect 3 sex and romance guide
10 strangest game heroes
Mass Effect 3 easter egg guide
A PlayStation in Pieces Looks Strangely Beautiful
The Things That Got Cut From Saints Row: The Third


Hitman Absolution GDC Tech Demo
How to unlock SFxT characters
20 minutes of Sorcery
David Cage on creating Kara
Mass Effect 3 Femshep trailer
Kid Icarus Medusa Trailer

Across the Networks

Dwayne Johnson in talks for Journey 3. Clearly the gods hate me.
Lionsgate is making a movie about Nic Cage’s Action Comics No.1
We review Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D – Predictability, poop and popping pecs.
Movies releasing today: Commence Blockbuster Season!
Here’s Arnie Hammer and Johnny Depp as Lone Ranger and Tonto

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Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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